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No, it’s not what you’re thinking. 

In most cases, when people hear the term “echelon,” they think of some sort of high-ranking official in business or society. Ya know, like being part of an “upper echelon,” or something like that. 

Sure, that might work for some copywriting pros, but that’s just too cliché for my liking.

What's With All the Bicycle Stuff?

Okay, have you seen the various featured images of shiny bicycles and hipster cyclists floating around the site? 

There’s a reason for that—here at Echelon Copy, the term “echelon” refers to the pace line that both naturally and strategically forms when cyclists race in a group together.

Crazy, huh?

The Benefits of Being Part of an Echelon

Think about it—if you’ve ever watched a stage of the Tour de France, you’ve probably noticed how closely each cyclist in the main group, also known as a “peleton,” rides next to the others. 

By so doing, though members of competing teams, each cyclist is able to fall comfortably into the slipstream of the cyclist who precedes him. 

But what about the guy at the front of the pack? Doesn’t he get the raw end of the deal?


In fact, says Paul Doherty, Senior Scientist at Exploratorium, of the phenomena that is the echelon, “The interesting thing is by filling in an eddy, you improve the front person’s performance, as well. So two people who are drafting can put out less energy than two individuals who are not drafting would covering the same distance in the same time.” 

Basically, everyone, including he who rides at the front of the group, stands to benefit from working together, all while trying to be the first to cross the finish line.

You're Already a Meaningful Part of This Digital Echelon 

You can already see where this is going: as an extreme fan of both copywriting and cycling, the symbolic connection was too golden to not nominally solidify through a full-blown copywriting agency.

As clients, copywriters or basic editorial enthusiasts, when we’re able to come together and learn from one another—though many of us are competing for the same jobs—everyone is mutually benefitted by the experience.

Such is the case with a real-life cycling echelon.

Working together to cut through the most common of setbacks, frustrations, challenges and even “fluff” that world of copywriting often throws at its biggest players, Echelon Copy promises to be a place where copywriters can advance their craft of choice, and customers can feel comfortable with the services their being offered.

Run-on sentence aside, it’s time to become an active part of the Echelon, regardless of whether your a customer, community member or passerby.