Why Copywriters Are Some of the Wealthiest People Out There


Copywriters are filthy rich. They really are. I know what you’re thinking: “Lucas, how can you say such a thing when all I do is bid on mind-numbing projects on UpWork all day?” 

Well, in response, you can actually make some pretty solid money on UpWork if you know what you’re doing. Secondly, monetary wealth isn’t the only kind of wealth out there.

No, I’m not trying to get all Buddhist monk on you or anything, it’s just that there’s more to life than money. Also, there’s a great deal to life that is money and, fortunately for the copywriting industry, there’s plenty of that to be had, as well. 

Intrigued? That’s what I thought. Here’s all the glitz and glamour of copywriting has to offer its faithful participants:

Temporal Comfort

Copywriting is a lucrative industry, but nobody really believes it. It’s kind of like when someone says he’s a professional blogger. Admit it—the first thought that runs through your head is, “Gosh, this dude’s wife must love living off of Ramen noodles and Kool-Aid.”

Think about it—bloggers, journalists and novelists are all starving. Their writing is doing their bank accounts little good. Yet, copywriters are sitting pretty. 

Sure, maybe it’s because they’ve “sold out” and use their editorial talents for product-and service-pushing endeavors, but I couldn’t care less. I get paid to write for living and live comfortably doing just that. 

What more could a creative person want?

Incredible Relationships

Copywriters are professional networkers, practically. Sure, PR people [quite a bit of crossover between the two, honestly] are probably equipped with a bit more tact, but copywriters, especially freelance copywriters, depend on networking for their livelihood. 

While it’s true that the occasional butt face [I’m not a profane man, so this’ll have to do] hires you for a project, many of the people with whom you’ll work are absolutely splendid. 

Moreover, your relationship isn’t limited to a handful of emails. If you’re doing your job correctly and involve a client the way you should, a meaningful, long-lasting relationship can be developed. 

I love this sort of thing. It’s awesome.

Widespread Knowledge

If you think about it, copywriters are modern-day renaissance men—and women, mind you. We learn by experience—the best kind of learning, as far as I’m concerned. 

Moreover, we’re researchers. We produce invaluable copy for any and all industries. Be it a mammoth personal injury law firm or basic tech startup, we can handle anything. 

As the months and years fall of the calendar, our craft is perfected—all while we take in more information. Simply put, there’s nothing like it.

Individual Freedom

Of all the benefits of working as a professional copywriter, this is by far my favorite. If I want to roll out of bed in the morning and work in my underwear, I totally can. I’m my own boss. 

Obviously, this kind of work environment pertains primarily to freelance copywriters or those who run their own business, but it’s still a beautiful thing. 

Imagine breaking free from the confines of the corporate environment to pursue only the work you’re actually passionate about. 

Sounds like a pretty sweet gig, eh? Like anything else, it comes with its own series of stresses, but the pros far outweigh the cons.

See what I mean? If the aforementioned can’t be classified as wealth, then I don’t want to be wealthy.

Now, what do you consider wealth? If you’re a copywriter, do you see yourself a part of one of the wealthiest professional networks on the planet, or are you just as much a starving student now as you were a few years or decades back? 

Hop on down to the comments section below to have your voice heard.


Lucas Miller is the Founder of Echelon Copy. When not writing, editing or running, he's working tirelessly to perfect what he claims is the "World's Greatest Pompadour." Additionally, for what it's worth, his editorial works have been featured on Social Media Today, Business2Community, Ragan's PR Daily, Spin Sucks and many other top-tier PR publications.